I, Nicole Kelsey, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

I will use my leadership position, my voice, my energy and my international network to:

  • Advocate for DEI:
    Serve as a DEI leader in my company, across the legal profession and throughout my professional and personal communities: 
    1. Continue to lead and develop my Legal Team’s DEI Initiative, by offering annual educational programming within my Legal Team, across my company and externally with our community.
    2. Develop a company-wide DEI Committee by Q2FY21, in coordination with my company’s CEO and CPO.
    3. Meet with at least 3 other GCs in the bioscience industry in FY21 to discuss efforts and share actions taken within our companies and vis-à-vis outside counsel.  
  • Lead on Mentoring and Sponsorship:  
    1. Continue to mentor both women and men ­­– across ethnic, religious and linguistic lines – both within and outside of the legal profession, to further the professional development of women and POC.
    2. Continue to mentor and sponsor (a) law students by participating in the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law (Bay Area campus) Annual Externship Program, and (b) new lawyers who are alumni from the Northwestern Bay Area Externship Program or whom I encounter through my network.
    3. Join LCLD’s GC Mentoring Program and serve as a mentor in FY21 to at least one LCLD Alumnus who is now in a GC role.

Organizational Commitment

I will use my leadership position and my influence to:

  • Oversee a re-assessment (pulse survey) of outside counsel as a follow-up to the DEI survey conducted by my Legal Team DEI Initiative in 2019, and do so every two years on a going forward basis, to determine the following diversity metrics:
    1. Staffing: Individual lawyers staffed on my company’s matters; with the goal of at least 40% of hours on all company matters invoiced by diverse partners and associates by FY23.

    2. Leadership: Meet annually with the lead partner of each of my top outside counsels to engage in an active dialogue around my specific DEI expectations as GC of my company.
  • Continue to grow the diverse composition of my Legal Team by (a) proactively placing the job descriptions on the job boards of the LCLD and the CCWC sites and (b) providing specific DEI direction regarding searches to fill open positions on my Team by (i) closely partnering with internal talent teams and (ii) incentivizing external search firms with distinct fee structures.


  • New actions: 
    1. # completed 
    2. timing of completion 
    3. reasons for delay 
  • # of new conversations (internal & external) 
  • Changed DEI statistics of outside counsel 

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