I, Michelle Oroschakoff, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • I will leverage my position to advocate for change within our industry and continue to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout my firm. 
  • I will expand outside counsel opportunities to underrepresented groups by working with firms to increase the number of diverse individuals working on matters for our firm.
  • I will foster an inclusive workplace and a culture of belonging by providing a safe space for employees and leaders to discuss topics relevant to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • I will support my DEI leadership in providing ongoing education and training to team members focused on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (e.g., the 21-day Habit Building Racial Challenge.) 
  • I will ensure that employees are eligible for rewards through quarterly bonuses and recognition for supporting the firm’s DEI goals. 
  • I will serve as an industry leader and engage with trade organizations (e.g., SIFMA) to advance proposals relevant to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • I will require leaders within my department to promote and support diversity and equity as part of their professional development planning, evaluation and recognition process.
  • Through our DEI-focused mentorship program, I will ensure that my leadership team serves as mentors and sponsors to increase development and promotion of underrepresented groups.

Organizational Commitment 

  • Define organizational best practices to routinely include DEI on leadership meeting agendas to ensure DEI remains a top priority at all levels of the organization.
  • Expand programming on historical issues facing the financial services industry, investor, and financial professional diversity. 
  • Increase representation of Black talent in management positions.
  • Continue to support and advocate for diversity among advisors, including LPL’s Advisor Inclusion Council (AIC) and Advisor Employee Resource Groups (Advisor ERGs).
  • Continue to partner with Human Capital to ensure job descriptions are written in a manner that opens the door to diverse candidates and equip managers with tools necessary to solicit, interview, and hire top diverse talent.
  • Advance gender equity among our employees and advisors by offering diversity, equity, and inclusion training, events, programs such as the Emerging Leaders Program, Women Business Leaders Program and Linkage Women in Leadership, and engagement campaigns as well as recruiting and promotion initiatives.
  • Promote diverse representation in leadership roles by providing sponsorship and development opportunities for top-talent.
  • Continue focus on promoting diversity across the firm’s Board of Directors.

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