I, Matthew Furman, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will use my voice as a leader in my organization and in the profession to advocate for Inclusion & Diversity in the legal profession and in my community. 
  • I will meet annually with at least five other general counsel in my industry to discuss how to promote I&D internally and among our legal service providers. 
  • I will continue to actively participate in LCLD and ensure the company participates, in continued and increasing ways, in LCLD’s internship and leadership develop programs. 
  • I will serve as chair of the I&D Working Group within my department, which is responsible for developing department initiatives for attracting, developing, and retaining talent and promoting an inclusive culture.
  • I will sponsor a joint mentorship program between a major law firm and the company to provide mentorship to high-potential diverse lawyers from both entities, including introducing each to the other’s business, and then seek to expand this program to other significant firms with whom we do work.
  • I will continue to engage in the company’s reverse mentorship program, as part of the company’s I&D efforts, to expand my perspectives on I&D and identify potential actions by me and the company’s senior leadership team.

Organizational Commitment

  • I will continue our new initiative to require diverse slates, by race/ethic minority as well as gender diversity, for all hiring/promotions at or above L43+ within the Office of General Counsel (with similar criteria being a strong recommendation at lower levels). 
  • I will ensure that the hiring manager and interviewers within OGC understand the business need for diverse talent. 
  • I will ensure OGC reviews our job descriptions and hiring processes with the aim of identifying and eliminating potential bias.
  • I will ensure OGC conducts mandatory unconscious bias training across the team. 
  • I will ensure that OGC lead in providing enhanced messaging across the company in relation to our whistleblowing policy and ‘speaking up’ without retaliation – in particular, in relation to discrimination.
  • I will ensure OGC develops an ongoing program of enhanced internal team communications (via emails, intranet, townhall and team meetings) to highlight I&D issues, promote allyship, and publicize and encourage our colleagues to take part in available I&D initiatives and events.
  • I will ensure OGC rolls out a reverse mentoring program to complement its main mentorship program.

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