I, Katie Rowen, personally commit to the following:

  • I will use my voice as a leader in my organization and in the legal profession to advocate for inclusion, diversity & equity (ID&E) in the legal profession and broadly.
  • I have eight direct reports who make up my legal leadership team. Currently over half of that leadership team is made up of diverse attorneys (e.g., women, underrepresented racial minorities) and I will continue to build on the diversity of this team.
  • I will ensure a diverse succession bench.
  • I will serve as the executive sponsor of one of Vontier’s employee resource groups (ERGs).
  • I will nominate annually at least one LCLD Fellow and one LCLD Pathfinder from my legal function.
  • I will meet bi-annually with my organization’s Fellows, Pathfinders and Alumni to discuss their experiences with LCLD and we will draw on the Vontier Business System and the spirit of kaizen to help LCLD accelerate progress toward its mission.
  • I will continue to ensure that we utilize diverse slates for every hire into my function.
  • I will ensure that every hiring manager and interviewer in my function has taken unconscious bias training.
  • I will be available to LCLD in any capacity to help it achieve its purpose, including mentoring Fellows from outside my organization.
  • I will encourage the professionals in my function to support our internal ERGs, as well as external organizations that champion diversity in the legal profession (e.g., LCLD, ABA, ACC, etc.)
  • I will institute an external law firm Performance Scorecard in 2021 that will include diversity metrics.  Beginning in 2022, our aim is that at least 40% of the hours worked on Vontier legal matters will be performed by diverse lawyers (e.g., women, underrepresented racial minorities, members of the LGBTQ community, veterans & people with disabilities). Beginning in 2023, our aim is that at least 50% of the hours worked on Vontier legal matters will be performed by diverse lawyers. High-performing law firms that exceed metrics will be rewarded with more work.
  • I will continue to partner with my legal leadership team to ensure we view all actions through an inclusion lens (e.g., flexible scheduling, respect for all time zones, etc.).

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