I, Joe Krasovec, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • As a new Managing Partner, I will seek out and listen to our firm’s diverse lawyers and staff and work hard to gain a better understanding of the challenges that we and many law firms face at creating an inclusive culture.
  • I have joined and will be an active member of our firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and am personally committed to advancing the Committee’s 2021 goals, which include focusing on collaboration, allyship, and ensuring that our talent processes are unbiased.  
  • I will continue working with the Roger Baldwin Foundation of the ACLU on cases to advance the rights of transgender and other LGBTQ+ individuals.  

Organizational Commitment

  • We will concentrate our work in the three specific areas set out in our firm’s Mission Statement.  Our mission statement represents our strong conviction backed up by action, and through it we commit to both our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and to the actions required to achieve them.
  • Specifically, we will work toward increasing diversity of all types, including race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability, here and in the legal profession generally.
  • We will continue to intentionally and deliberately build an environment at ArentFox Schiff where everyone feels welcome and can be, and progress, as their authentic selves.
  • We will combat racial and social injustice through our pro bono work and by working with and giving to anti-racism organizations and other organizations committed to social justice.

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