I, Doug Lankler, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will use my voice as a leader inside and outside my organization to advocate for Development, Equity and Inclusion in the legal profession and in my organization and community.
  • I will create an environment within the Pfizer Legal Division where each colleague will foster a culture of diversity, inclusion and equity and in which all colleagues feel included, are treated equitably, can contribute their talents fully, and have opportunities to develop and progress professionally.
  • I will seek to be an effective ally for diverse colleagues within Pfizer and serve as a role model to others by openly discussing my own efforts to interrupt my unconscious bias and learn more about communities and cultures other than my own.
  • I will drive meaningful improvement in our diversity, inclusion and equity metrics with a focus on manager accountability.

Legal Division Organizational Commitment

  • We will develop a DE&I strategy that is aligned to Pfizer’s global strategy but based on an understanding of the specific DE&I drivers in the Legal Division.
  • We will seek to understand and address the drivers of low minority representation at the most senior levels of the organization.
  • We commit to meeting or exceeding our organization’s goals for representation at the vice president and above level for minorities in the US (32%) and women (47%) globally by 2025. 
  • We commit that at least 50% of the candidates for new roles, promotions, and high visibility opportunities in the US will be women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and individuals with disabilities. In the future, we will expand these principles to all international colleagues. 
  • We will implement meaningful programs to support retention and engagement of diverse colleagues.
  • We will strengthen diverse colleague mentoring and sponsorship programs.
  • We will continue to build inclusive leadership skills at every level by delivering ongoing training and other initiatives to further build awareness and motivate action by our managers and colleagues. 
  • We will continue to shine a light on DE&I issues through our Equity in Action Summit.
  • We will develop metrics for tracking progress toward our DE&I goals and openly communicate within our Division.
  • We will encourage and help advance diversity in the legal profession through our “Raising the Bar” and other initiatives with Pfizer Legal Alliance firms  by seeking to increase the number of diverse partners and senior associates staffed on Pfizer matters, increasing the usage of minority owned firms as local counsel and providing first-year law students with a demonstrated commitment to diversity the opportunity to intern at Pfizer and work with lawyers from the Pfizer Legal Alliance.

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