I, Deborah Platt Majoras, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will take actions to drive a culture within our team, and throughout P&G, that is intentionally inclusive and encourages difference as a strength within impactful teams, so that all team members bring their authentic selves to work (recognizing that I must be a role model).
  • I will drive equality (and thus our effectiveness) through increasing the diversity of our team and then ensuring access to impactful roles and development opportunities.  This includes maintaining a diverse recruiting committee and talent councils; requiring diverse slates in hiring; dissecting every staffing decision and promotion recommendation to ensure equal opportunity free from bias; and meeting our diversity commitments as agreed with the company.
  • I will work to ensure that all members of the team understand the benefits of equality and inclusion to our organization and our business, so that we all work together on our goals, rather than placing responsibility for the goals strictly on our diverse teammates.   
  • I will ensure that our organization’s new initiative to produce better “Managers of Others” incorporates best practices and learning about what it means to be an inclusive leader within an organization that is racially, ethnically, gender, and otherwise diverse.
  • I will intentionally develop my own leadership in a way that is inclusive; that prioritizes continuous learning and incorporates understanding of diverse team members by seeking out and hearing their perspectives and goals; and that inspires and drives them to make a meaningful impact on our business and in the profession.  
  • I will work with other senior Company leaders, including on the Equality & Inclusion Council, to strategically integrate E&I into our business and organizational actions and decisions and to reach our company aspiration of having 40% multicultural representation among our employees.  
  • I will encourage my HR partners, my CLO Council members (made up of administrative through Band 3 employees), and my leadership team to role model engaging in “straight talk” with me, providing real-time feedback about my actions and what they convey about my commitment to E&I.
  • I will reward and recognize individuals and teams in our Legal/GR organization who demonstrate tangible commitment and contributions to E&I and hold the leaders accountable as E&I champions. 
  • I will work with law firm leaders to break down incumbency practices that inhibit leadership and business access opportunities for diverse lawyers.

Organizational Commitment

  • Actively promote and ensure our Legal organization supports P&G’s E&I Aspirations, Actions, OutcomesWe are Unique and We are United, including its four main pillars:
    • Employees: We strive to be a company and create a culture where our employees are able to show up to work as their whole, authentic selves, and feel safe in doing so.
    • Brands: We build the world’s most trusted and valued brands by serving people in an inclusive way, bringing visibility to the uniqueness of their humanity.
    • Partners: We build equality and inclusion into key areas of our supply and value ecosystem by expanding opportunity – and partnering with others to advance critical priority areas for the company – we can accelerate growth of human beings and business.
    • Communities: We commit to diversity, equality, equity, and inclusivity, to identify the gaps that create inequity, and to develop the strategies that can change experiences, lives, and whole communities. When we expand opportunity, we accelerate growth.
  • Sponsor, promote and ensure execution of our Legal/GR Organization’s current E&I Action Plan and its four main objectives and, in the coming year, look for ways to expand our actions and influence more outside of the U.S.
    • Recruit: Drive activity systems that deliver enrollment goals at all levels for global women and U.S. minorities by requiring diverse candidate pools and increasing leadership accountability.
    • Retain: Make P&G an irresistible choice for diverse Legal/GR talent by continuing to drive accountability with managers of diverse employees and identifying early needed interventions related to the development of diverse talent.
    • Culture: Create an inclusive and learning culture by leveraging learnings from external and internal programs to identify opportunities for improvement, and inject fresh ideas, energy, and approaches.
    • External: Execute U.S. pilot program with self-assessment of our hiring rates of diverse talent from law firms and external conversations and engagements on diversity with key US law firms.
  • Sponsor and support our Legal/GR Working Together team’s Active Allies’ efforts and progress, focused on racial equality, through its four pillars of Build Knowledge, Build Relationships, Build Internally and Build Externally.
  • Work with external organizations to strengthen our own E&I practices and to help drive E&I in the legal profession, personally engaging when I can be more impactful.  This includes LCLD, the Indiana University/P&G Diversity Scholar Program, the Summer Work Experience in the Law program (SWEL) (which provides summer internships to African American high school seniors and college students), and P&G’s Career in Business Initiative (which provides summer internships for students of color).

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