I, David Phillips, personally commit to the following:

To utilize my position and standing to promote and advance diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives that effect meaningful and sustainable change in my organization, my department and the legal profession. Specifically:


  • As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, ensure that D&I is integral to our company’s strategy, not just a temporal topic, as well as ensure the teams responsible for implementing D&I initiatives have the requisite support
  • Serve as an executive sponsor and resource for an Employee Resource Group, emphasizing D&I matters
  • Host organizational engagements with small employee groupings to solicit feedback and personal experiences, and engage in open dialogue about the organization’s efforts and progress in the area of D&I


  • Ensure that capability, experience and diversity are key pillars of our recruiting, development and career advancement process
  • Require diverse slates of qualified candidates and diverse interview panels for every open attorney position
  • Achieve Mansfield Rule – Legal Department 3.0 Certification
  • Ensure that my leadership team engages in annual succession and career development planning sessions to increase the readiness and diversity of talent pipelines 
  • Personally review succession plans and career development plans for identified diverse employees
  • Ensure that the supervisors of diverse attorneys have the support for, and access to, internal and external resources to execute their development plans

Legal Profession 

  • Ensure that outside counsel understand our commitment to D&I, and that their involvement with our organization will require not only expertise and value, but also a commitment to the meaningful inclusion of diverse, qualified attorneys in their firms and on our account
  • Develop a metrics-based scorecard for our outside counsels’ diversity profile (both as a firm overall and for Goodyear-specific assignments) and utilize this analysis in our selection criteria for ongoing and future work
  • Actively collaborate with other GCs and law firm Managing Partners to develop perspective and actionable processes for advancing the focus on, and sustainability of, D&I goals as an industry
  • Participate in (and encourage attorneys in my organization to participate in) the LCLD law school mentoring program, specifically targeting the inclusion of law schools in Goodyear’s community (Akron/Cleveland)

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