I, David Braswell, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Commit to completing 25 DEI hours to lead by example to champion the DEI Department’s new DEI billable hours program.
  • Participate in our Diverse Professionals Group and Women’s Inclusion Network roundtable conversations or meetings to ensure understanding of the experiences of women and diverse lawyers at the firm.
  • Use my role to continue to advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion and continue to highlight, both externally and internally, the Firm’s strategic goals, including our DEI strategic goal.
  • Continue to share my personal commitment to DEI in firm communications.
  • Maintaining and growing our top leadership commitment to and participation in LCLD, including twice yearly meetings with our LCLD team (current and former Fellows and Pathfinders) to provide support and mentorship.
  • Continue to be intentional in ensuring that DEI is a consideration in major firm decisions, including policies, partner admissions, succession planning, and business development initiatives.
  • Work with GC/LCLD Member clients to identify opportunities to collaborate on key DEI initiatives, and to advance the careers of diverse lawyers and female lawyers within the firm through opportunities such as secondments and inclusion of diverse and female lawyers in partner succession planning.

Organizational Commitment

  • Provide attorneys with billable hours equivalent credit for eligible activities and leadership that advances the firm’s strategic DEI initiatives.
  • Continue to elevate and support our new DEI Department.
  • Commit firm resources to inclusion programing, key talent management processes, recruiting, work allocation, performance feedback and education and learning programs to improve DEI.
  • Request Department Heads and Practice Group Leaders to report on their progress in meeting our Diversity Action Plan milestones.
  • Encourage participation in our membership in the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance to elevate the opportunities for meaningful pro bono work designed to promoting racial equity in the community.
  • Review our generation, credit-sharing and succession planning process to ensure key advancement processes are equitable.
  • Continue to support meaningful recruitment activities, such as our firm’s Tramble Scholarship, which is designed to provide meaningful scholarships for diverse law students.
  • Develop programming and initiatives that focus on DEI for our professional staff.
  • Continue to build vital links with clients on DEI, including collaborative and joint workshops, secondments, client mentorship collaborations, diverse summer and junior associate fellowships and programing, and partnerships on causes such as community service projects or pro bono matters.

Make a move,
join the movement.

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