I, Bradley J. Butwin, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Devote myself to the implementation and success of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) program, a pillar of O’Melveny’s strategic plan.
  • Meet quarterly with the women and attorneys of color on my Management Team and Executive Committee to gain insight into the firm’s ways of doing business, how well our leadership structure fulfills our DE&I objectives, and how we can improve.
  • Team up with a General Counsel to host an LCLD Leadership Lunch and select at least two Fellows in attendance for a follow-up conversation.
  • Remain an active participant on the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance (LFAA) Advisory Board Committee and continue my firm’s support of the LFAA as a cofounding member.
  • Continue to meet with the leaders of our diverse Employee Networks to hear and address the concerns and recommendations of their constituents.
  • Reinforce to firm leadership that our DE&I accolades and awards are meaningless without a vigilant commitment to sustaining the progress we have made.
  • Solicit ongoing feedback from all our attorneys and staff, emphasizing they are free to speak their mind, and reassuring them they will be heard.

Organizational Commitment

  • Hold the firm’s leaders and my partners accountable for O’Melveny’s DE&I success, explicitly communicating my expectations in an annual address.
  • Establish and communicate O’Melveny’s aspirations for further diversifying our attorney ranks. 
  • Identify which of our 25 top clients will require a new Lead Partner within the next five years, and then implement a process to develop diverse partners to assume those roles for some of the clients. I have already begun implementing a similar process to cultivate diverse candidates for key leadership roles in the firm. 
  • Continue to direct our review of structural bias in key programs and processes, and to support solutions that ensure all members of the O’Melveny family feel welcome and have an equal opportunity to thrive.
  • Increase the use of pymetrics, an assessment tool, that utilizes artificial intelligence to eliminate implicit bias in recruiting and retaining talent.
  • Encourage all colleagues to engage in the various awareness and discussion programs we offer on critical DE&I issues such as allyship, antiracism, bystander behavior, difficult conversations, empathy, and implicit bias.


  • Establish new metrics for our Practice Group Leaders to assess and improve the diversity of their groups with a focus on attorneys of color. I will meet with the Practice Group Leaders and our DE&I partners annually to review these findings and assess their action plans. 
  • Continue to participate in industry-changing programs such as the Mansfield Rule, the LCLD Programs, and others that underscore the importance of data and critical mass to DE&I efforts.


  • Solicit advice and guidance from past and present LCLD Fellows about clients we should enlist in our DE&I-related activities to both further our firm’s goals and advance diversity in the entire legal industry. 
  • Platform our diverse attorneys with many important clients.

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