I, Ben Campbell, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Use my voice in Deloitte, my community, and our profession to advocate for DE&I and to champion racially and ethnically diverse talent.
  • Demonstrate my commitment through actions and words to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion in Deloitte, our department, and our profession.  
  • Commit personally to DE&I goals, including, but not limited to, enhanced practices for the hiring, development, and retention of diverse talent.  Share those goals with my team and our department and hold myself accountable by measuring progress.
  • Share DE&I data with my team and our department so that everyone has visibility into the goals we set, the progress we have made, and the areas that require attention.
  • Connect with our racially and ethnically diverse team members regularly and personally to listen, hear, understand and support their perspectives, goals and objectives.
  • Mentor and sponsor racially and ethnically diverse talent in our department, Deloitte, and in our profession, including at our outside law firms.  
  • Use my personal network and relationships with other General Counsels, current and former government colleagues, and leaders in our outside law firms to help define and advance positive change in our departments, in public service, and in our profession.  

Organizational Commitment

  • Continue to be a voice for DE&I efforts at Deloitte, including providing legal support for organization-wide DE&I programs and actions.  
  • Formalize and enhance our department’s DE&I program, with the continued objective of advancing DE&I goals in all elements of our operations including talent development and retention, legal services supplier diversity, data and metrics, and accountability.  
  • Define, promote, and advocate for policies and practices that focus on access to business opportunities, professional networks and organizations, and financial influence to attract and retain diverse talent.
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen the development and advancement of racially and ethnically diverse talent, including to leadership roles within our department.  This includes, among other things:
    • Continuing to utilize diverse candidate slates for open positions;
    • Continuing to refine our hiring process to promote diversity, including in identifying, interviewing, and selecting potential candidates;
    • Continuing to incorporate DE&I into succession planning for leadership roles; 
    • Continuing to share DE&I metrics with the members of our department to track and assess progress and focus on areas that require greater effort; 
    • Continuing to champion diversity training in our department;
    • Examining, and continuing to develop and enrich coaching, sponsorship, and mentorship programs for our professionals and, in particular, our racially and ethnically diverse talent; 
    • Continuing to work with our department’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council on a broad slate of DE&I initiatives and programs; 
    • Continuing to support an environment that welcomes all talent to be authentic and confident in the workplace; 
    • Continuing to support involvement in diverse bar associations and LCLD, including through the Fellows and Pathfinder programs; and
    • Refining and enhancing our focus on developing and retaining our racially and ethnically diverse talent through, among other things,  stretch and cross-disciplinary opportunities to increase visibility and help position them for advancement.
  • Identify and endorse outside law firms who commit to staffing our matters with racially and ethnically diverse personnel, and work with our outside counsel to help attract, retain and advance racially and ethnically diverse talent in our department, in their firms and in the profession.  


  • Diversity & inclusion representation metrics, including workforce composition, hiring, promotion, retention, and succession planning. 
  • Supplier diversity metrics, including outside law firms, and regular engagement with our suppliers on ways to drive and enhance diversity on the teams that serve Deloitte.
  • Internal and external engagement, including within Deloitte, with other general counsels, and within the legal profession and our community.

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