I, Annie Khalid, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

I will strive to: 

  • Foster a workplace where all employees feel included and welcome.
  • Embrace my own need for continued growth and understanding.
  • Strengthen and uphold the rights and dignity of those unjustly disempowered, mistreated, overlooked or silenced.
  • Use my position at Glassdoor to help protect the voice of workers of all backgrounds who are exploited, disadvantaged and not treated respectfully or equitably by their employers, and who find the courage to speak out and protect others by sharing their authentic workplace experiences on our platform.

Organizational Commitments

Diversity, inclusion and equity, along with transparency, are core Glassdoor values. I will accordingly use my position at Glassdoor to ensure that Glassdoor remains committed to:

  • Recruiting top talent of all backgrounds in an equitable fashion across the company, including for the Legal team.
  • Creating and supporting equal opportunity for all, in the legal profession and beyond, irrespective of background.
  • Supporting programs (such as the LCLD 1L Scholar program) to help foster a talent pipeline empowering a more diverse generation of attorneys to rise to positions of leadership.
  • Developing product features on our website (www.glassdoor.com) that empower diverse voices and perspectives by enabling employee sentiment ratings and pay data by race/ethnicity, gender identity and more, as well as by enabling employees to rate how satisfied they are with DE&I at their current or former company.
  • Continuing to conduct an annual pay equity analysis on Glassdoor’s own employee compensation as part of a continued effort to ensure that company pay practices are equitable. The tool kit for this analysis, which is designed to identify potentially inequitable pay practices across gender and race/ethnicity, is offered to others free of charge with the goal of empowering others to guard against inequitable pay practices.
  • Advancing racial, economic and societal equity by continuing to support and enhance our company DEI efforts to develop a Glassdoor workforce that is diverse, inclusive and reflective of the communities in which we operate. 
  • Supporting the Legal team’s affiliation with external organizations, such as the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD), that help foster diversity in the legal profession.

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