I, Alice Eldridge, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Using my voice and seat at the table to reinforce a culture that encourages employees to bring their whole selves, authentically and visibly, to work and ensures that employees feel valued, heard, and empowered as professionals and individuals;
  • Continuing my personal DEI journey through education, active listening and engagement; 
  • Engaging with the BAE Systems’ legal organization, external organizations such as Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, the Association of Corporate Counsel and other thought leaders to learn and propagate best practices that will drive meaningful change in the legal profession – both within my organization and in the law firms with which we engage – such that people of color (POC) and women experience equitable opportunities, recognition and compensation; 
  • Continuing my participation in BAE Systems’ Employee Resource Groups, mentoring and sponsorship programs, and courageous conversations programs; and
  • Actively engage with my superiors, peers and subordinates on matters of Diversity and Inclusion, and be willing to engage in “tough discussions” as necessary.

Organizational Commitment

As BAE Systems’ Senior Vice President & General Counsel, I commit that as a legal organization we will: 

  • Foster a culture of DEI by:
    • Facilitating and encouraging courageous conversations and employee participation in diversity, inclusion, and allyship activities and mentor/ sponsorship programs; and
    • Help advance diversity in the legal profession through our focus on legal supplier diversity and by ensuring that our major matters are staffed with diverse talent in meaningful roles
  • Continue to increase diverse representation within my organization by:
    • Maintaining policies and practices to increase diversity in hiring;
    • Ensuring that diverse succession plans are in place for all senior roles in my organization; 
    • Providing training and leadership opportunities for diverse employees so they are qualified to fill senior roles within the organization when those roles become open;
    • Strongly encouraging the hiring of diverse candidates where diverse candidates are available and qualified for open positions; and
    • Ensuring equal opportunity within the organization.

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