I, Adam Hall, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will work directly with each of our firm’s current LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders to advance their career goals, professional development, and professional relationships within our firm and with our firm’s clients.
  • I will ensure that diverse perspectives are included in important firm decision-making processes through committee and leadership appointments and by drawing those voices into important discussions and giving them an opportunity to be heard.
  • I will acknowledge my personal need for continual growth in understanding unconscious bias and diverse life experiences by working with our firm’s Chief Diversity Officer to expand my reading on related topics and by continuing to seek out meaningful one-on-one and group conversations to expand my understanding.
  • I will continue to emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion at our firm through my personal and active participation as a member of our firm’s Diversity & Inclusion and Women’s Initiative committees.

Organizational Commitment

  • I will work to design and implement more effective and equitable work allocation processes at our firm, thereby promoting the retention and advancement of attorneys of color and LGBTQ+ attorneys through increased opportunities for quality work assignments that will enhance their professional development, advancement, and career satisfaction.
  • I will work with our firm’s senior members and their practice group leaders to ensure that required formal client succession plans prepared by our senior members provide equitable opportunities for attorneys of color, LGBTQ+ attorneys, and women attorneys to succeed to principal client relationship manager roles for important firm clients.  For purposes of measuring the effectiveness of this initiative, I will disaggregate the data for attorneys of color and LGBTQ+ attorneys and the data for women attorneys.
  • I will actively engage with each firm department chair, practice group leader, and committee chair on their respective diversity and inclusion scorecard goals at least twice in 2021 to promote the accomplishment of the diversity and inclusion goals in those scorecards and in our firm’s strategic plan.
  • I will ensure that diversity and inclusion continue to occupy a prominent place in the execution of our firm’s overall strategic plan and at our firm’s monthly member meetings, and that firm leadership actively follows through on the short-, mid-, and long-term goals of its diversity and inclusion plan.

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