1. Start Drafting your Leader's Pledge.

Browse the Leaders at the Front site to see the commitments your peers in the industry are making. Visit Draft Your Pledge to see LCLD’s resources on creating your own plan, including downloadable sample pledges. Involve others in the conversation—talk to your chief diversity officer and LCLD Alumni about how to make an impact. Write a pledge that captures your vision for DE&I in your organization.

2. Attend a Virtual Leadership Summit.

Collaboration in the legal industry is rare, but it’s what sets LCLD apart—and it’s what’s necessary to make systemic change. Start the conversation by sharing your pledge with other LCLD Members at a Virtual Leadership Summit (beginning January 2021).

3. Submit your Leader's Pledge.

Once you’ve gotten feedback, revise your pledge and then submit it to LCLD. We’ll work with you to get your plan on the site—and then you’ll officially be a Leader at the Front.

How LCLD Will Support You

Provide resources and insights as you draft your Leader's Pledge.

Through the Leaders at the Front site and our Virtual Leadership Summits (launching January 2021), we’ll help you draft and refine your plan.

Support you on your journey.

We’ll bring in industry experts to help you work toward the goals outlined in your plans.

Facilitate connection with your peers.

We’ll continue to give you opportunities to connect with your peers, so you can share your challenges and successes.

Make a move,
join the movement.

Draft Your Pledge