1. Craft Your Leader's Pledge.

New to LCLD? Here are a few ways to get inspiration as you build your Leader's Pledge:

  • Browse the Leaders at the Front site to see the commitments your peers in the industry are making. 
  • Take a look at LCLD’s resources on creating your pledge, including critical areas for impact and downloadable sample pledges.
  • Get input from others at your organization—talk to your chief diversity officer and LCLD Alumni about how you can make an impact.
  • Reach out to the LCLD team to schedule a consultation. 

When you're ready, submit your pledge for publication on the LCLD site. LCLD will notify you when your pledge has been published on the website.

You can also find resources on sharing your pledge (including a press release template and social media guide) here

2. Attend a Super Pledge Summit. 

You've laid out goals in your Leader's Pledge that are specific, meaningful, and measurable. Now it's time to get after them. At LCLD's Super Pledge Summits, you'll hear how other Members are implementing their pledges—both what's working and what's not. You'll also get ideas for elevating the commitments in your pledge, and insights on how to use your role as a leader to drive organizational change. Sign up here

3. Measure Your Progress. 

As you move toward your goals, it's critical to track your progress—and share lessons learned with the LCLD community. It's also important to think about how you can improve your goals. By participating in the LCLD Pledge Tracker, you'll get access to a tool that lets you track your progress, customized recommendations from LCLD on how to improve your pledge, and a consultation with LCLD on your progress and next steps. Sign up for the LCLD Pledge Tracker here. 

Have questions? Reach out to Caitlin Puffenberger at cpuffenberger@lcldnet.com

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