The series of virtual round table discussions were designed to discuss the current state of diversity and inclusion at our respective organizations and develop action steps and a comprehensive action plan with the goal of tangibly increasing diversity and fostering more inclusivity at our respective organizations. In an effort to continue our discourse and exchange of ideas, the Racial Justice Committee will host two round tables, A Year Later: Where are we now? on October 28, 2021. These round table discussions will focus on: 

  • How have your feelings evolved about the status of racial justice over the last year?

  • How did your organization respond to the racial justice issues over the last year? Was it effective?

  • Is there still momentum within your organization around racial justice issues? 

 All LCLD Alumni and current Fellows and Pathfinders are welcome and encouraged to participate in these round table discussions. The ultimate goal of our round tables will be to provide ideas and collective action on how to achieve sustainable and tangible diversity and inclusion at our respective organizations. There are two time options for the October 28th discussions. You may register for one of the sessions below: