Racial Justice, Equity & Action Round Table Discussions

The LCLD Alumni community is hosting a series of virtual round table meetings designed for LCLD Alumni to discuss the current state of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in their respective organizations and develop a comprehensive action plan with the goal of tangibly increasing diversity and fostering more inclusivity within those organizations. The first round table discusions will focus on:

  • What organizations are doing and not doing 
  • What is working and not working
  • What LCLD Alumni would like to see organizations do 
  • Changes LCLD Alumni would like to see in the profession
  • How to collectively bring about those changes

LCLD Alumni will break out into small groups for discussion led by a facilitator. The feedback from these small group sessions will be used to create a resource LCLD Alumni can use to enact change at their organizations.

Please select one session to attend from the options below:

For more questions, please contact LCLD Alumni Programs Chair Lisa Collins or LCLD Alumni Program Manager Erin Hess