Join me for the Accountability Partner Webinar on Monday, April 27th from 4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. ET hosted by Ritu Bhasin, President of bhasin consulting inc.  Here is the registration link and description:

How to Thrive Personally and Professionally While Working Remotely
Navigating the pressures and expectations of the workplace can be complicated and challenging for lawyers at the best of times, let alone in the wake of a global health crisis when many teams have moved to remote work environments. And as a diverse lawyer in particular, it’s key that you continue to leverage leadership, inclusion, empowerment, and wellness strategies so that you can thrive personally and professionally despite this difficult time. In this webinar, Ritu Bhasin, inclusion, authenticity and leadership expert, will share key practices on how to thrive while working remotely, including:

  • How to continue to develop your profile and build relationships while working remotely

  • How to continue to effectively shield against biases

  • Why wellness and mindfulness strategies are particularly important for diverse professionals

  • Key strategies for incorporating wellness and empowerment into how you’re working and living

After this webinar there will be some exercises for you to discuss with your Accountability Partners (If you need it, click here for the chart). If your AP is unavailable, please feel free to combine with other groups or Fellows you connected with at the meeting.  There will be a related follow-up webinar in May.  

Please note that we are unable to record and distribute this webinar.  However, even if you are not on the call, you will still received the follow-up exercises and some links that will help you to complete it.