The LCLD Alumni Outreach Committee is excited to provide opportunities for LCLD Alumni to partner with The Posse Foundation to increase the pipeline of talented underrepresented individuals through its Graduate School and Fellowship Coaching program.

Click HERE to register by January 31, 2021


What is Posse? 

The Posse Foundation identifies, recruits, and trains student leaders to pursue their academics and to help promote cross-cultural communication on campus at the undergraduate level. 

What do Graduate Coaches do?

Posse’s Graduate School and Fellowship Program supports Posse Scholars as they consider and apply to graduate and professional programs in every discipline, and a wide variety of fellowship programs. 

Posse Scholars have won over 500 competitive Fellowships since 2001, and have been admitted to some of the most prestigious graduate programs in the country, including Posse’s Graduate Affiliates, and graduate programs including The Harvard School of Dentistry, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and the University Chicago School of Medicine. Posse Graduate and Fellowship coaches have been key to this success, and we know your experience will help maintain this momentum, and support scholars in their professional and academic excellence!

How are graduate coaches matched with applicants?

Posse will match coaches with one to three scholars, based on their expertise, availability, and interests, to work on applications for the upcoming admissions and fellowship cycles. Coaches receive orientation materials, and are generally asked to do the following:

  • Connect with assigned Posse Scholar/s or alum regularly (via phone, email, zoom, etc.)
  • Be available to advise assigned Posse Scholar/s or Posse Alumni as they apply for major fellowships and top-tier graduate school opportunities, offering help including:
    • Advising on applications for one or more major fellowships or top-tier graduate schools
    • Brainstorming for application essays and research or project proposals
    • Reviewing essay drafts
    • Providing interview prep (including mock interviews)
  • Connect Scholars to resources
  • Commit to coaching your Posse Scholar/s or Posse Alumni during the 2021/2022 application cycle, through the application and interview deadlines as appropriate.

What is the time commitment?

Depending on when the Posse Scholars/Posse Alumni are matched to an LCLD coach, the relationship typically lasts 3-6 months. Generally, Posse Scholars/Posse Alumni are matched in the late spring/summer for winter application deadlines. Contact during this time is usually once every two weeks, with more frequency as the deadlines approach.

How do I register?

The registration process has two short steps. First, click here or the registration button above to provide basic information to LCLD. Next, click the link to continue the registration process with The Posse Foundation. You can complete both sections in five minutes. If you've successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email from LCLD and The Posse Foundation.

How can I donate?

LCLD Alumni contributed $1000 to The Posse Foundation on behalf of its members. Click here if you would like to make a personal contribution.