Using Feedback to Achieve Excellence

Leadership Interviews: Tapping into Your Greatness, Part Two

In Part One, participants learned the ways in which leadership interviews can help them to identify blind spots, enhance relationships and gain a deeper understanding of their personal strengths.  Participants also received guidelines for conducting the leadership interviews.  

In Part Two, you will have the opportunity to share what you learned from conducting leadership interviews, hear others share their own experiences and discuss any concerns.  Furthermore, you will learn

  • How to distill the feedback from the interviews into a personalized “Essence” that epitomizes the highest and best parts of yourself;
  • How to use scientifically validated strategies for managing your reactions to feedback;
  • What to do with the feedback, which elements should be ignored and which should be acted upon; and
  • Methods to fine-tune the leadership interview to address more delicate relationships, such as those with clients or colleagues with whom there may be some tension.