Using Feedback to Achieve Excellence

This three-part webinar series will walk 2019 Fellows through a series of exercises that are intended to help achieve the following:

(1)  Identify Your Greatness – Develop a clear understanding of what makes you special and create a plan for leveraging those qualities to accomplish the things that matters to you. 

(2)  Identify Any Blind Spots– Distinguish any habits, behaviors or mental frameworks that could derail your career or stop you from achieving your goals.

(3)  Enhance Your Relationships– Bring a new level of ease, workability and connection to your existing relationships with colleagues, clients, and firm or company leaders.

 Part I:

Leadership Interviews: Tapping into Your Greatness

Studies have shown that women and people of color tend to receive less detailed and less meaningful feedback in the workplace, and this becomes a serious disadvantage as one attempts to move up within an organization.  In this webinar, Anna Rappaport will introduce the idea of “leadership interviews” in which you ask people who know you well for their thoughts on your strengths and growth areas.  She will describe the multitude of ways that you can benefit from conducting leadership interviews, respond to common concerns regarding leadership interviews and offer best practices for conducting these interviews.  While people often have some degree of trepidation around the idea of asking for feedback, those who do this exercise virtually always find it to be inspiring. It also enhances their understanding of their own strengths and helps them better to leverage those qualities in service of their goals. 

This series will be led by Executive & Business Development Coach Anna Rappaport.  An email with further information and a registration link will be sent in early June 2019.  Please contact Nichole Velasquez, Fellows Program Manager, with any questions.