Dear Members, Participants, and Friends,

Welcome to the online home of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity. We hope you'll take time to familiarize yourself with our organization, and take advantage of any opportunities to engage more deeply with our mission and activities.

Every time you visit, you'll be reminded that our Membership, made up of the managing partners of prominent U.S. law firms and the general counsel of major corporations, has set out to transform the American legal profession. Their personal commitment to the mission of LCLD is evident on every page. 

Since the launch of LCLD in 2009, our Members have developed a wide range of action programs, which are responsible for advancing diverse legal talent towards the ranks of leadership by giving them the tools to succeed.

In our online communications, we'll document that progress while informing you about events and activities, learning opportunities, and the phenomenal growth of our Mentees, 1L Scholars, Pathfinder, Fellows, and Fellows Alumni programs.

We also hope this site will become a forum for robust dialogue about diversity in the legal profession, and a valuable resource for our Members, our program participants, and the legal profession in general.

We're working to build a profession unencumbered by outmoded ideas that obstruct talented attorneys rather than develop their potential.

We want to foster open and free access to opportunity for all individuals, regardless of color, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or disability. We want to see the legal community fielding teams that are made up of the best talent.


In the coming months, LCLD will be exploring and developing a number of strategic initiatives to further advance diversity in the profession, and sharing them here, online. 

Thank you, as always, for making this possible—and for your ongoing commitment to the mission of LCLD. It’s never been more important than today.


Robert Grey, President

Leadership Council on Legal Diversity