Dear LCLD Members:

As we approach our tenth anniversary as an organization, I'd like to thank you, the Members of LCLD, for your personal commitment to the mission of our organization—and the all-important process of identifying strong, diverse talent and creating leadership opportunities for that talent. 

In support of your efforts, I've been honored to serve as Chair of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, building upon the accomplishments of my predecessors, LCLD Founding Chair Emeritus Rick Palmore, Wally Martinez of Hunton & Williams, and Microsoft President Brad Smith.

Since our founding in 2009, LCLD has grown into an organization of both vision and real-world action, working to produce a future legal profession that is as diverse as the country it serves.

In pursuit of this goal, we've continued to expand our programs to benefit talented individuals at various stages of their professional development. We've also embarked upon an initiative to build the LCLD community in cities across the country, uniting Members, diversity professionals, and program participants in the necessary work of building powerful networks, sparking innovation, and passing along lessons of leadership to the next generation.

In addition to the increasing number of young attorneys and law students of diverse backgrounds whose careers are advanced by LCLD, I am pleased to note that we are also developing an expanded database of What's Working at Member organizations and sharing those innovations with you, our Members.

I thank you for your support, and your ongoing commitment to our core values of leadership, action, and results.



Laura Stein
Executive Vice President—General Counsel & Corporate Affairs
The Clorox Company