Managing Partner, Bass, Berry & Sims PLC


Todd Rolapp was elected Managing Partner of Bass, Berry & Sims in 2013 after serving as Chair of the Corporate & Securities Practice Group and the Executive Compensation Practice Group. Todd’s personal commitment to diversity includes representing the firm in the Hackathon Alliance, a group of law firms committed to piloting innovative programs to help close the gender gap in law firms and serving on the Board of the National Organization for Workforce Diversity.

Bass, Berry & Sims has African-American, women, and LGBT affinity groups, and cites LCLD as an important part of its diversity efforts. The firm was named an LCLD Top Performer in 2020. 

Joined LCLD 2011 

Highlights of LCLD Participation

Fellows Program
Fellows nominated:
2022: Lillian Blackshear; 2021: Lauren Gaffney; 2020: Shannon Wiley; 2019: Lisa Rivera; 2018: Sehrish Siddiqui; 2017: Tatjana Paterno; 2016: Kinika L. Young; 2014: David R. Esquivel; 2013: Kathryn H. Walker; 2012: Alonda W. McCutcheon

Pathfinder Program
Pathfinders selected:
2022: Shayan Ahmed; 2021: Taylor Wirth

1L LCLD Scholars Program
Scholars hosted:
2022: Mariah Rhodes, Anighya Crocker, Tatiyana Lewis, Injee Hong, Zoebedeh Malakpa; 2021: David Wilson; 2020: David Kitchin, Bria Smith; 2019: Gregory Maczko, Ashley Gholston; 2018: Tasneem Chowdhury, Adrielle Conner; 2017: Jared Allen, Christa Nipper; 2016: Maleaka Guice; 2014: M. Ale Dalton, Racquel B. Martin; 2013: Elaina Al-Nimri, Kobi Ankumah, Brianna Powell; 2012: Adrienne Coronado

Success in Law School Mentoring Program
Mentors provided: 2017, 2013, 2012

Annual Meeting (2015)


Member: Todd Rolapp

Diversity Professional: Michele Bendekovic

Communications: Kerry Price