CEO and Principal Partner, Kelley Kronenberg 

Michael Fichtel joined Kelley Kronenberg and quickly rose to partnership within only four years of his admission to the Florida Bar. His continued focus on creating value for clients and maximizing the firm’s growth through the development of innovative business-relationship models led to an upward trajectory of growth for the firm and to Michael’s selection as the firm’s first CEO in 2010. One of his priorities as CEO has been to establish a firm culture that places a high value on community service and civic involvement, diversity and inclusion, personal goals and growth, and work-life balance.

"We all know that success doesn’t come without some failures," Michael said in an interview on driving greater diversity and inclusion. "Any successful CEO running a business knows that he or she has to take risks. So you treat [diversity] like you would any other issue in running a business—you take chances and then learn from your mistakes along the way."

Kelley Kronenberg is proud that its C-suite is 50% minority and 37.5% female; additionally, almost half of all attorneys are women and almost a third are people of color. In 2020, the firm revamped its diversity and inclusion efforts, including integrating diversity into its recruitment, leadership assessment, and training. 

Joined LCLD 2021

Highlights of LCLD Participation 

Fellows Program
Fellows nominated: 
2022: Anne Skinner; 2021: Harsh Arora

Pathfinder Program
Pathfinders selected:
2021: Alison Trejo, Shirley Pimentel

1L LCLD Scholars Program
Scholars hosted:
2021: Vitor Machado 

Leadership Summit (2021)

Member: Michael FichtelHeath Eskalyo

Diversity Professionals: Caroline Cimei

Communications: Michelle Martinez Reyes