President and Managing Director, Gray Robinson, P.A.

Mayanne Downs became the first female President and Managing Director of GrayRobinson in 2016. She has been active in the Florida business community for more than 35 years, acting as city attorney for Orlando and leading GrayRobinson’s statewide litigation practice. Mayanne is a member of the Judicial Qualifications Commission and former President of the Florida Bar.

“Those of us who are women in real, live leadership roles, not token leadership roles, are rare,” Mayanne said in an interview. “I'm grateful to be a part of it.”

GrayRobinson’s commitment to diversity includes active recruiting of diverse students and creating opportunities for women and minority lawyers. The firm says participation in LCLD is an important part of their efforts.

Joined LCLD 2009 

Highlights of LCLD Participation

Fellows Program
Fellows nominated:
2019: Allison Goodson; 2018: Anastasia Protopapadakis; 2017: Fernando J. Menendez; 2015: Barbara J. Ferrer; 2014: Leyza F. Blanco; 2013: Marlene Quintana; 2012: Christine A. Marlewski; 2011: Grace H. Yang

Success in Law School Mentoring Program
Mentors provided: 2014  

Annual Meeting (2016)

Member: Mayanne Downs

Diversity Professional: Marlene Quintana

Communications: Mike Haag