Partner, Willenken LLP

Jason Wilson joined Willenken LLP shortly after the firm's founding in 2002. He is a Southern California Super Lawyer and the former Director of the Japanese American Bar Association. Jason also speaks frequently on intellectual property law.

Willenken LLP is a member of the National Association of Minority and Women-Owned Law Firms and the California Minority Counsel Program. The firm is proud of its diversity because “diversity in the law profession is a critical need for the trial lawyer.” 

Joined LCLD 2011

Highlights of LCLD Participation 

Fellows Program
Fellows nominated:
2022: Kenneth Trujillo-Jamison; 2021: Ashley Kirk; 2020: Amelia Sargent; 2019: Aarti Wilson; 2018: Megan O'Neill; 2017: William Alexander Delgado; 2016: Nicole Aimee Diaz; 2015: Rebecca Tana Green; 2014: Eileen Ahern; 2012: Carlos A. Singer

Pathfinders Program
Pathfinders selected:
2022: Breanna Brewer, Kirby Hsu 

Annual Meeting (2022, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014)  
Leadership Summit (2022)

Member: Jason Wilson

Diversity Professional: Ellen Hotter

Communications: Helen Hsiao