Chair and President, McGonigle, P.C.
2020 Fellow 

Elizabeth Lan Davis is the first woman of color to serve as Chair and President of McGonigle, P.C. She has been described as “an outstanding leader who is dedicated to fostering strong relationships and collaboration, inside and outside the firm, with diverse attorneys” by LCLD Diversity Professional Katherine McGrail, the firm’s Chief DE&I Officer. Elizabeth was also an LCLD Fellow in 2020. 

As part of LCLD's Leaders at the Front initiative, Elizabeth created a Leader's Pledge detailing her personal and organizational commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Read Elizabeth's pledge here

At McGonigle, diversity and inclusion initiatives focus on the ABCs: Advancement for all, Business that is inclusive, and Community outreach. In 2018, McGonigle sponsored the inaugural Women on the Block – Diversity Blockchain Summit, bringing together female leaders from various industries, including partners from the firm itself. 

Joined LCLD 2021

Highlights of LCLD Participation 

Fellows Program
Fellows nominated:
2022: Lisa Weingarten Richards; 2021: Sharon O'Shaughnessy; 2020: Elizabeth Davis

Pathfinder Program
Pathfinders selected:
2022: Margaret Haggerty, Ella Markina; 2021: Anya Thepot, Gaurav Talwar

1L LCLD Scholars Program
Scholars hosted:
2021: Chuli Zeng

Leadership Summit (2019)


Member: Elizabeth Lan Davis

Communications: Marc Curran