Managing Partner, Manion Gaynor & Manning LLP 

An experienced civil litigator who has represented national and regional clients in all aspects of litigation and national litigation management, Amaryah K. Bocchino practices in the firm’s Complex Litigation Practice Group and also serves as the firm’s Managing Partner. In that role, Amaryah provides key leadership and coordination to ensure that the firm’s national clients receive optimal, efficient, and coordinated legal services. Additionally, she serves as chair of the MG+M Women’s Forum, co-chair of the MG+M Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and co-editor of the Defense Litigation Insider blog.

Joined LCLD 2017 

Highlights of LCLD Participation 

Fellows Program
Fellows nominated: 
2019: Lucia Pazos; 2018: Amaryah Bocchino; 2017: Javier Flores

Annual Meeting (2017)
Leadership Summit (2017)

Member: Amaryah Bocchino

Diversity Professionals: Javier Flores