Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Company Secretary, Saab, Inc. 

Marc Nichols began his career as an analyst and trust officer before a lifelong love of the law led him to law school. Upon graduating, he joined telecom company US West as an attorney. Later is his career, Marc spent time as General Counsel of Green Advantage and Legal Counsel & Director of Compliance at Rolls-Royce, before joining Saab as General Counsel in 2018.

A member of the LGBT community, Marc says he feels a special responsibility to support others: "I’m forever grateful for the support I had growing up, and for the openness with which I’ve been received pretty much everywhere—and Saab especially. I see it as my responsibility to be a mentor in this regard, to show people that their orientation or identity shouldn’t be an inhibitor." 

Between 2007 and 2017, Saab doubled the share of women in managing roles; and continues to work toward a goal of 30% female managers globally by 2025.

Joined LCLD 2021

Member: Marc Nichols