Chief Legal Officer, Brex


Katie Biber has served as CLO of Brex since 2020, where she oversees all legal, compliance, and regulatory activities. She is a technology leader with extensive experience in counseling high-growth companies, and frequently speaks on topics such as politics, technology, and women in business. Katie is a member of the Board of Directors of Code for America, a national nonprofit addressing the gap between the public and private sectors’ use of technology to effectively serve citizens. She formerly served as General Counsel of Senator Mitt Romney’s 2021 presidential bid.

Brex approaches diversity and inclusion with “impatient optimism” and a “growth mindset.” As part of their DE&I efforts, the company hosts Cultural Heritage Months and comprehensive diversity training, among other events.

Joined LCLD 2021


Member: Katie Biber

Diversity Professional: Brandon Sydney

Communications: Teresa Steen