Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, and Chief Risk Officer, Bridgestone Americas, Inc., and Global General Counsel, Bridgestone Corporation

As Chief Legal Officer, Chris Nicastro oversees the Bridgestone Americas Law Department, Internal Audit, Corporate Security, and Government Affairs Functions. He successfully launched and serves as the Executive Sponsor for the law department’s DE&I Committee, which focuses on recruiting diverse attorneys and interns, inclusion and partnering with law firms to increase diversity both among Bridgestone’s outside counsel teams and in the legal profession. He also serves as Chair of the Bridgestone Americas Board of Directors and was instrumental in creating the DE&I subcommittee to the board’s Succession, Nominating and Compensation Committee. Chris joined Bridgestone in 2009 as General Counsel for Latin America. He was previously Assistant General Counsel of Yazaki North America. Chris is married with three sons and lives in Nashville.  

Diversity initiatives at Bridgestone Americas include requiring diverse slates for key management roles, six employee resource groups, WOMEN Unlimited programs that develop women leaders at each managerial level, and a supplier diversity program. The Bridgestone Group is also a member of The Valuable 500, whose aim is to unlock the social and economic value of people living with disabilities around the world. 

Joined LCLD 2022

Fellows Program
Fellows nominated: 
2022: Dayna Frenkel, Chambre Malone 

Pathfinders Program
Pathfinders selected: 
2022: Robert Boon, Jill Schwartz 

Member: Chris Nicastro

Diversity Professional: Kristy Offitt 

Communications: Emily Weaver