President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft Corporation

One of the Founding Members of LCLD, Brad Smith has been a prime mover in the growth and success of the organization. As Chair of the Board's Pipeline Committee from 2009-2011, Brad oversaw the development of the 1L LCLD Scholars and Mentoring programs; as Chair of the Strategy and Innovation Committee in 2012 and 2013, he convened a summit of law school deans and LCLD Members to discuss the state of legal education, a precursor to LCLD's annual Leadership Summit. Brad also served as Chair of the LCLD Board of Directors from 2013 to 2017. During his tenure as Chair, he set a bold goal for the LCLD—that through its programs, the organization would impact the careers of 10,000 individuals in its first 10 years.  

Under Brad's leadership, Microsoft has pioneered the use of incentives for outside counsel to prioritize diversity and inclusion—adding to the corporation's stellar reputation on these issues. And in early 2014, Microsoft Corporation provided a $250,000 grant to LCLD to fund new levels of innovation in our programs and outreach. Microsoft participated in all LCLD programs and sent representatives to the Annual Meeting and Leadership Summit each year during Brad's time as Member as was also named an LCLD Top Performer. 

Follow Brad on Twitter: @BradSmi

Joined LCLD 2009