An integral part of the LCLD Pathfinder Program curriculum is the online experiential learning component, accessible via the LCLD Pathfinder E-Module Portal. 2018 Pathfinders will receive invitations to access the portal in winter 2018 and Program Facilitators will receive their invitations in spring 2018.

A total of four Pathfinder E-Modules will be released between the April and November in-person meetings. Each of the e-modules will be available as described in the welcome package that is distributed at the beginning of the program year.

LCLD will send emails letting Pathfinders and Program Facilitators know when each e-module opens and closes via You may use this page as a reference between formal communications.

Please contact Erin Hess, Program Manager, with any questions on substance or deadlines.

For technical questions about the Pathfinder E-Module Portal, please contact Jessica Sabesan, LCLD Communications & Marketing Manager.