Thank you for your interest in volunteering as e a Mentor in the LCLD Success in Law School Mentoring Program.  

Your personal involvement is what makes this program invaluable for future, up-and-coming attorneys from diverse backgrounds. Your talent, dedication, and perspective will have a powerful effect on the Mentee with whom you will be working.

To complete your registration, just fill out the form below and click "Sign Up" at the bottom. The deadline to register as a Mentor is Tuesday, January 31, 2017. You will then be contacted via e-mail by LCLD staff in the coming months to match you with your Mentee. Mentee program registration varies by location, but we'll do our best to match you soon after registration opens in October for students. 

We would also appreciate any input from you as you participate in the program. Please e-mail Nancy Richardson with any comments, questions, or suggestions. And thanks again for volunteering!


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