Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary, Fannie Mae

Before joining Fannie Mae in 2014, Brian Brooks served as Chief Legal Officer of OneWest Bank and Managing Partner of O'Melveny Myers. In an interview, he said he views his job with Fannie Mae as a kind of public service. Brian also led the creation of the Fannie Mae GC Fellows Program, aimed at getting more diverse lawyers into leadership roles, was a founding member of LCLD’s Sustainable Partnership Program

Fannie Mae prides itself on the diversity of its customers and its workforce. Forty-nine percent of Fannie Mae employees are minorities and 47 percent are women, according to the company’ website. Fannie Mae has also been recognized by Diversity MBA, Latina Style, and Diversity magazines.

Fannie Mae was named an LCLD Most Active Member Corporation in 2015, 2016, and 2017. 

Joined LCLD 2009

Highlights of LCLD Participation

Fellows Program
Hosted Leadership Lunch (2014)
Fellows nominated: 
2018: Marcus Meeks, Charlotte Ritz; 2017: Mai Pham Robertson, Leah Thompson; 2016: Juliet M. Hanna, Kathy E. Rentas; 2015: Tod B. Edel, Te-Mika S. Warner; 2014: Tanguy de Carbonnieres, Elizabeth Pierce; 2013: Damien G. Stewart, Anna Tilton; 2012: Kenneth M. Perry, Chris Scanlan; 2011: Margaret P. Chase, Danielle McCoy 

1L LCLD Scholars Program
Scholars hosted: 
2017: Kevin Shin; 2016: Athena Aherrera, Devron Brown, Michael Witschel

Success in Law School Mentoring Program
Mentors provided: 2017, 2016, 2015 

Annual Meeting (2017, 2016, 2015)

Member: Brian Brooks

Diversity Professional: Kenneth Perry